Kinetic Mesh

2012 | Brass, acrylic, aluminum, motors, electronics | 79x36x46in

This programmable sculpture, has a 12x6 grid of movable intersections on 6.5in centers. Each intersection is capable of 7.5in of vertical travel. In this video the piece displays 6 years of daily running mileage and cycles across the mesh from right to left. It is possible to upload data sets with 6, 12 or 72 columns of information to have the piece scroll two different directions or completely refresh. I will be trying all sorts of data to see how it performs on the machine. The piece follows along from an earlier piece "Deviation". Once again Scott Burns helped with programming and electronics to get the 72 stepper motors working properly. With this piece 3 Arduinos control the motors and receive control orders from a master Arduino. The master Arduino reads a text file with tab delimited data from an SD card - so simply changing that file will alter the performance of the mesh.