In this piece movements in latitude (Y-axis), longitude (X-axis) and time (vertically on Z-axis) are plotted in a three dimensional virtual space. Colors help to differentiate the multiple years of the project. Any time off the surface of the Earth is represented by a white line linking the points of contact before and after flight. The main cluster of lines running vertically (Z-axis) through the space is centered on Philadelphia until 2005 then shifts to Richmond VA and Urbana IL.

An animation of everywhere I have been in North America for the duration of the Latitude and Longitude Project.
This animation depicts a Time Axis Rotation from the Latitude and Longitude Project map. It starts with and overhead view map of Philadelphia and rotates to reveal motions around the city over time.
Family Tree/Life Location is an on-going project mapping locations in time and space of myself and my family since each person’s birth with a resolution of one week. Drawings are created in a 3D virtual space; time is expressed vertically while latitude and longitude are illustrated horizontally. The drawing shows my family members relative physical locations through time. The lines start with the birth of my father in 1937. Moving through the drawing lines are added as family members are born.